1. Hostel "Monika" is for temporary residence of citizens for a period agreed to by the hostel. Upon expiration of resident must vacate the room at the request of the administration. If they wish to extend the period of residence must inform the receptionist, not later than 2 hours before check-in time - 12:00 local time. Extension of stay in the same room is possible only if there is no armor on it of others.

2. Check out time-12 hours, local time.

3. Opening hours hostel Monika - 24 hours.

4. Accommodation (share a room) to the hostel by citizens on presentation of a passport, military ID or other identity documents with the consent of the guest with the applicable rules of the hostel

5. Payment for accommodation and services at the hostel, including insurance premiums and mortgage payments are on free contract prices, according to the price list approved by management hostel. Payment is made in rubles in cash

Accommodation is made only after the guest of prepayment for the entire expected life living and making a bond deposit for the key and the cell. Fiscal receipt and the final bill for services rendered at the check issued at the request of the guest for lost keys will be charged at the rate of 500 rubles.

6.Payment for accommodation will be charged in accordance with a single checkout time - from 12:00 current day local time, with the free guest settlement at night from 22:00 to 08:00 check in is available only to the check-out time, the extension of stay is made in order specified in Paragraph 1 of these rules. For stays of less than one day (24 hours) the fee charged for the day regardless of the time of arrival and departure.

7. For Children under 7 years of age, no seat, no fee will be charged

Guest Accommodation in the reserved room until check-out time-in is allowed only by prior arrangement with the hostel

In this case, the "tariff for early booking": The quests to reserve a place to check out time 12 am, during this time, an additional 25% of the daily rate.

8. Regardless of the type of settlement in case of delayed departure arrival after check-out time for a maximum of 6 hours hourly pay. At a delay of departure for a period of 6 to 12 hours after the payment is charged for half a day. When leaving after more than 12 hours after the payment is made as a full day.

9. In the event of a guest staying or reducing the length of stay may retain administration, introduced the guest of (its guarantor) prepaid amount equal to the cost of one night stay. This amount is a payment for reservation of the name of the guest for the duration of his residence.

10. At the request of residents, with the consent of the Authority shall be allowed to find other persons in the room from 08:00 to 23:00 hours for the visitor must leave at the reception at the reception ID.

11.On cause late arrival with a day and have not canceled in advance (by phone or e-mail no later than 24 hours) is paid the day in full.

12. For the comfort of all our guests and maintaining an atmosphere of friendship and mutual understanding, it should be remembered that:


12.1.doors hostel "Monika" are open to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At night, guards the entrance to the hostel, intercom call, you can сall and come in  We have cctv

12.2. prohibited noise and disturb other guests during c 23:00 to 9:00.

Hostel "Monika" is not responsible for the safety of cash and valuables left unattended at the hostel (including in your room). Valuables during their stay may be kept in the safe at the reception desk. WARNING: To prevent theft Please lock the door.

13.For Groups, we ask tour leaders to make the sum of 5,000 rubles, as a saved deposit, provide safety to the hotel. When checking out of the hotel deposit is returned.

14.Living guests make a deposit of 200 rubles to get the key from the individual safe box. When leaving the hostel deposit is returned in full.


Please, take care of the property and equipment of our hostel. In case of loss or damage to property, "Monika", should be compensated for their costs.

Drinking alcohol in the living rooms and the common areas of the hostel is strictly prohibited.

The hostel reserves the right to refuse to stay the guests: do not have a passport or equivalent document, are in a state of intoxication or inadequate condition, prevent a comfortable stay in the hostel of the other guests, strongly disagrees with the rules of our institution.

For safety and hygiene in the rooms is prohibited to use electric heaters (kettles, irons, electric  water heaters, and the like) and the use of food.

Should not be stored in the rooms of bulky items, flammable materials, explosives and perishable products.

At the hostel is prohibited - drinking, drugs, smoking, yelling, foul language, to behave provocatively, make noise, talk loudly (especially at night), to insult other people, leave your personal items and towels in the common areas (kitchen, bathroom), also do not leave bags and backpacks in the hall.


1. Resident has the right to:

 1.1. Be paid at the hostel all the time, as well as short-term

   before and after arrival in common areas;

 1.2. Free in addition to the paid period

    providing a place for sleep,

  - Bathroom, shower and toilet,

  - Kitchen with all kitchen appliances and equipment,

  - Common areas,

  - Library

  - TV, DVD,

  - Internet with WI-FI from their laptops and phones

  - Public computer,

  - Available at the hostel board games.

2. Resident must:

  2.1. Pay for accommodation on the tariffs hostel

     at least one day in advance.

  2.2. Observe cleanliness and public order.

 2.2.1. Keep silence at such a level so as not to cause inconvenience

          other hostel guests, particularly after 22 00 pm

          and up to 7 00 am.

 2.2.2. Wash and clean their dishes and cutlery.

 2.2.3. When you exit the room to close the windows, turn off belonging to him


  2.3. Comply with fire safety regulations.

  2.4. Return before leaving received the keys for the loss - a fine 500 rubles.

  2.5. Submit documentary grounds staying in the

     in Moscow.

  2.6. To pay damages in the event of loss, injury or damage

     property hostel.

3. The hostel is prohibited:

3.1. keep bystanders, send them the keys and codes doors

3.2. store bulky items, drugs, explosives, chemical,

  radioactive or flammable substances, mercury,

3.3. disturb other guests,

3.4. smoke outside the designated areas for smoking, as well as in the lobby

  before entering.

3.5. navigate through the hostel in street shoes.

3.6. stay in a hostel in the heat (when it is visually noticeable)


3.7. use drugs.

4. Bed linen is changed once a week,

towels every three days,

           cleaned daily from 12 00 to 16 00.

5. The hostel is not responsible for articles left unattended

and lost things.

6. In case you need to leave personal items, you must contact

  administrator to confirm his ulkability and conditions

  Storage spaces in the absence of the guest.

7. The hostel is not responsible for the operation of city services and communications.

8. In our hostel taken off the main bedroom lighting,

9. Hostel guide the right to demand the immediate departure of the hostel resident

in case of violation of these rules lodger, and without compensation funds (paragraphs 3.3, 3.4,3.6,3.7)

For breaking the rules in n 3.4-3.7 pay an additional fine of average daily living

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